Who we are

Association of Physiotherapy Students

We are students from the Czech Republic who are keen on sharing their enthusiasm about physiotherapy! We bring together students from different faculties around our country by organizing multiple events with educational and professional backgrounds. Association of Physiotherapy Students is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2013. Everything we do is on the basis of volunteering. Our main goal is to increase the quality of the physiotherapy knowledge and experience, promote students’ interests and needs and broaden public awareness of the field. To achieve our goals we organize various events throughout the year.

What we do

International internships

It is a three week exchange programme focused on gaining new experience and learning about new approaches abroad. Recently we have been cooperating with Portugal within the European Summer Physiotherapy Exchange Program (ESPEP) and we are working on making more agreements abroad. If you are interested in participating in our international internships, read more below and do not hesitate to contact us!.


We organize physiotherapy lectures not only for students but for the public and for different fields professions as well. It is held regularly in all the cities in the Czech Republic where physiotherapy is taught. Lecturers are physiotherapy professionals whom students would not usually have the opportunity to meet and extra to this it usually takes place in an informal environment of a café.


Recently we have started our podcast channel called PodcASF as a compensation for Fyziocafés which unfortunately cannot take place in corona-times. It is in czech, but you can check it out anyway ;) Podcasf in czech


It is a three days camp for our members which is held twice a year and is crammed with extraordinary activities. It takes place in the countryside outside the big cities so a lot of outdoor fun is guaranteed. The aim of this extraordinary event besides meeting students from other faculties is to gain knowledge and experience from professionals - the programme involves several workshops and lectures.


This event consists of lectures and workshops as well as social evening meet up. Every year we organize spring and autumn physiomeeting. From our organization-perspective the autumn one is the most important event of the year, as the General Meeting with election of board members and regional representatives for the next year takes place within the meeting too.

About the exchange

The internships are held in rehabilitation clinics, hospitals or even sport clinics. It lasts three weeks during the summer break so it should not interrupt the academic year. The agreement is usually made between two students’ organizations who host incoming students and also allow their students to be guests abroad. However all of this can be arranged depending on the exchange partner. Until now more than 40 students have gained valuable experience in the field of physiotherapy thanks to this project. We are glad to claim that we had organized the exchange also with students from the USA and Germany. Portuguese students have been participating in the exchange since 2016. We plan on expanding the offer of cooperation. Are you interested? Contact us on asfstaze@gmail.com

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